Private Cooking Class at Your Home

You and your friends will learn to cook delicious and healthy Japanese cuisine and sake tasting. Everything taught in a class is hands-on and you are going to have the most exotic and exciting food experience ever. You will learn how to select fish and will be introduced to the secret techniques of chefs.

Learn to make Sushi

Sushi Class:
In this class you will learn how to make everything from a Spicy Tuna Roll, Inside-out roll (California roll), Hand roll, Nigiri, Pressed sushi, Rose shaped sushi, Heart shaped sushi, and so much more. Special requests are always welcome.

Learn to make Tempura

Tempura Class:
In this class you will learn how to master the art of Tempura. You will learn how to create some favorite and popular dishes, such as Shrimp, Kabocha (Japanese squash), Renkon (lotus root), Scallops and chicken Tempura. In addition you learn how to make your own dipping sauce.

Learn to make Tofu

Tofu Class:
This class is very popular with vegetarians. Items covered in this class include (but are not limited too): Soy milk smoothie, Okara (soy pulp), Kumiage-yuba (soy milk skin), Dengaku (broiled tofu) served with goma-miso and yuzu-miso dressing, Shira-ae (fresh seasonal vegetable with creamy tofu dressing), Okara cookies.

Japanese Cooking Studio is more than happy to add or customize any teaching menus to meet the needs of you and your party. Please use the “contact” link on the left navigation to contact us and discuss options and availability.


$500.00 for Two Private cooking class with Chef Mamie Just you and your sweetheart in your sweet home!


$100 per Person for more than 7 people Private cooking class with Chef Mamie Minimum $500


Cocktail Party- $45/person* Full Course Dinner – Starting from $85/person* Minimum $700 * Drinks are not included.

Japanese Cooking can be made with Gluten-Free ingredients. Ask us for more details!