• When you share a plate, use the reverse side of chopsticks to avoid double dipping.
  • Do not bite into a piece of food and place it back to a plate. You cut food on a plate using chopsitcks, pick it up using chopsticks and eat all at once.
  • Use chopsticks holder to rest your chopstick directly in front of you and parallel to you, and holding side on a right.
  • Do not make wasabi soup with your soy sauce. Wasabi paralyzes your palette.
  • Do not dip sushi rice-side-down into the soy sauce, and let the sauce soak up into the rice. The soy sauce is not to flavor the rice but the fish. Dip the sushi rice-side up in the soy sauce and carry to the mouth.
  • Do not wave chopsticks to call somebody. Chopstick is for foods.
  • Do not chew the chopstick end.

Be sure to view our “How to use Chopsticks” information page.